Para Tech Expo

PARA Tech Expo 2025

Focus 2025 Manufacturing Automation. Manufacturing Sectors. Automation Professionals.
Expo ON Automation, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Exhibition.

Features and Highlights

  1. MIDC investment features:

    This feature has MIDC participation and presents at the Expo to provide suitable location for enterprises to set up their unit with all utilities and permission.

    Pune boasts of begin a hab of automation technology MIDC strong support to PARA Tech Expo welcomes automation industry to further broaden, expand and strengthen automation industry and Maharashtra.

  2. Pharma conclave:

    Meet Pharma Association to discuss automation initiatives in pharma industry make connection get bussiness.

  3. Packaging conclave:

    Meet Packaging Association to discuss automation initiatives in Packaging industry make connection get bussiness.

  4. Warehousing conclave:

    Meet Warehouse Association to discuss automation initiatives in Warehouse industry make connection get bussiness.

  5. Demonstration of outstanding innovation in industrial automation robotics and artificial intelligence:

    exhibitors demonstrating latest innovation will be highlighted. Information on the latest technology being displayed will be highlighted in a signages on the exhibited booth.

  6. Conference + :

    Exclusive Exhibitors only engagement with global pundits of automation. This session will give guidance on impact of latest technology in automation. Where lies the future? Return on investment. The impact of 5G on remote automation. Artificial intelligence and its impact on machine Learning, IIOT (4.0) and digital transformation.

    CEO Conclave white paper on March of Automation in manufacturing in India–strategy for government and private industry.

      Sector Identification:
    1. Pharmaceutical Automation.
    2. Packaging Automation.
    3. Warehouse Automation.

  7. Awards:

    PARA Teck Expo shall award automation companies for product excellence and technology innovation also for project implementation.

    PARA Tech Expo shall also award excellence in professional automation engineering.

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Automation Engineer's attendence to Source Solutions for manufacturing automation is the target audience.

Our mantra is industrial automation leads to excellence.

PARA Tech Expo will Connect your Buyer & actual users.

Your company Tecnology & innovation must be exhibited in full force Let's together achive our goals (march of automation & manufacturing).

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