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Overview of PARA Tech Expo & Conference 2025

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Organized By Infocast Systems Private Limited

Communicating critical knowledge to Professionals to deliver business. Infocast - Information Casting to industry to build business equitably.

Infocast Systems Private Limited publishes Imprint Automation India magazine on professional automation, robotics, artificial intelligence. Imprint Automation India Magazine won the media partner award at PPPA 2024 Meet organized by International Society of Automation, Chicago. ISA maharashtra section Imprint is the strength of purpose driving PARA Tech Expo 2025, International Expo on Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Robotics and Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence. Infocast has a rich history of creating exhibitions which contributed to tremendous growth of the industry. Infocast exhibitions and magazines’ mantra is to develop the Indian market with latest technology. PARA Tech Expo aims to impact India’s automation industry with this mantra-latest technology. Infocast, Imprint Automation India, and PARA Tech Expo believe Industrial Automation leads to excellence, and goal is March of Automation in manufacturing in India.

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Upcoming Show

  • PARA Tech Webinar

    Global Live Webinar | 9 September 2024 Explore
  • PARA Tech Expo 2025

    Navi Mumbai | 5 - 7 February 2025 Explore

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PARA Tech Expo armed with Imprint Automation India Magazine is on a mission to drive Indian manufacturing to adopt automation. Going forward to the show in February 2025 automation sectors identified will feature at the expo.

This will provide business opportunities to all exhibitors.

Connect with purpose with decision makers on automation projects in identified sectors to provide solutions for highly automated manufacturing.

First mantra: Industrial automation leads to excellence.

Second Mantra: March of automation in manufacturing.

  • PARA Tech Webinar

    Impress Automation Professionals with your company Technology convince Buyers of your company brand knowledge quotient in providing Automation Solutions.

  • Automation Future

    With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) the future of automation process, machine learning is going to be marvellous. PARA Tech Expo will explore this daunting marvellous future with exhibitors. This is one Great Reason to exhibit PARA Tech Expo.


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